Tiger balm: all you need to know

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tiger balm

Muscle balancing Techniques are used to evaluate and restore normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Based on the touch for Health system developed by Dr.John Thie, this system improves posture, reduces pain, increases mobility and flexibility. It can greatly enhance athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

 Tiger Balm for Muscle Aches

Do you need something to ease joint pains and muscle aches? Then, the Tiger Balm Red is the right product for you. This Chinese traditional medication is considered as one of the leading brands of topical analgesics all around the world. Tiger Balm products have been used for so many years that act as a treatment for sore and painful muscle body parts.

Tiger Balm Red comes in a form of an ointment that serves as a heat rub.

Originally, the product was develop by a Burmese herbalist in late 1800 and he marketed it to the Chinese Imperial Court. These products were then used by different Chinese emperors whom are experiencing body and muscle aches. Since then, the Tiger Balm products are already used for different variety of medical illnesses and purposes. Currently, the product is being manufactured by the Haw Par Healthcare Company, which is located in Singapore.

Tiger Balm  as their original product is made up of many combination of different active ingredients to make a special formulation.

Different tiger balm ingredients are used in their different products that include camphor, menthol, mint oil, cajuput oil, paraffin, clove oil bud and petroleum jelly. The composition of the product will vary depending on the type of Tiger Balm product however, their original product is composed of all-natural and organic products that made it a very effective type of ointment in relieving muscle aches and pains.


Balm works by producing a heat feeling on the applied area

The applied part will then experience the relaxing sensation as it alleviates the pain. The heat produced of the Tiger Balm Red can also improve the blood flow on that applied part of the body. It was also believed that the Tiger Balm ingredients can help perform a fast healing of the damaged tissues. And lastly, the product has a smell that brings therapeutic relieve even for clogged and stuffy nose.


The Tiger Balm can be used for different conditions.

It can be used as an analgesic rub that will relieve your muscle aches and painful joints. It can also be used for headache managements and migraine attacks, usually with those mild to moderate intensity of attacks. Using these products is also very effective in relieving chest and back pains, cough discomfort as well as the itchiness brought by insect bites.


Tiger Balm products is always available from almost all of the health stores and pharmacy worldwide even on the internet. This is very easy to use and very effective by simply applying it to the affected area of the body part. Keep in mind that you must only apply the right amount of the ointment as it can cause skin irritation when applied to much. For all of your muscle aches and body pains, Tiger Balm is always available to help you.